We offer the Lowest Price on Promotional Flags and Banners. We supply all types of advertising flags and marketing flags and banners for any type of business or function.

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The largest company in Dubai that serves as both a flag and flagpole manufacturer

Conference Flag

We have two type of indoor standard flag with pole.

Available in Silver and Golden pole with base.

Size: 2mtr. Pole and 150x100cm Flag

Flag Pole Renting company in Dubai

If you only need flags for a short period of time, why not consider flag rentals? Renting means you get the same quality flags and accessories but for far less than buying them. You have the flags for as long as you need and return them to us when you are finished. Call 050-9234000

Flag Rental Services in Dubai Flagpole & Flagpole Base Rentals Cloth Cutton Flag Flag Polyester Flags

We manufacture and install custom made flags as per our customer request. For more samples click here

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Promotional Flag Exhibition Flags

Hand Flags with Wooden sticksFlagpole & Flagpole Hardware Rentals National Day Flags Kuwait Oman Qatar Bahrain Emirates

First company in the Emirates to printers making small or large best Quality Flags and Banners sinse 2001

Stitching Flags for any size available

The largest company in Dubai Oman Kuwait Bahrain Qatar Saudi Arabia Bahrain that serves as both a flag and flagpole manufacturer

We supply 2013 UAE National Day more than 25000 Hand Flags


We have many verity table flags with single. Double and Trible poles
We are able to supply single to large quantity as per your requirments.

Table Top Flag in Dubai

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